Advantages and disadvantages of LED headlamps.


Benefits led headlights:

  • Long life (from 25 to 50 thousand hours of work, for example, halogen lamps serves 500 hours, xenon – 2500 h);
  • Low power consumption (power consumption of 3.5 W; halogen consumes 55 W, and xenon lamps – 35 W);
  • The ability to create adaptive headlights that in halogen bulbs is impossible in principle, and in xenon it is expensive and difficult.
  • Light of LED lights is close to natural light.

led headlights

Disadvantages led headlights:

  • Yet it is expensive, but become much cheaper.
  • Maintenance-free, if the LEDs are blown, the lamp assembly is replaced in its entirety.
  • Complex design which requires additional cooling.
  • Without management system it shines slightly (slightly worse than conventional halogen lamps).

Quality LEDs have a long life and are installed on the vehicles of the premium segment. Do not confuse LED lights with LED lamps. The latter have a control system with “brains” and extra cooling fans.

The difference is the presence of an adaptive control unit. It controls the headlamp and can independently enable and disable the high beam. More specifically, the headlamp itself consists of several LEDs which are responsible for certain illumination of the road. If oncoming vehicles pass, the light will turn off desired LED, so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers. In turn, on the contrary it will turn on additional sections of LEDs.